Not Ready for Cold

I’m not ready for the seasons to change – but here in Michigan, it’s a daily occurrence.

Michigan residents have terrible short term memory when it comes to the state’s weather patterns. Sure, we all remember the catastrophic tornadoes and the major ice storms but we conveniently forget that during seasonal transitions, the weather patterns can change at a moment’s notice.

Last Thursday, the weather in my town was muggy and hot with a high temperature near 90 degrees F. I wore a short, sleeveless summer dress, no hosiery.  On Friday, I suited up in jeans, knee socks, a tank top under a long sleeve T and I carried a sweater with me because the high temperature struggled to reach 62 by 4:00pm.  Friday night, I wore fleece yoga pants, a Tshirt and a thermal shirt to bed.  When I woke up Saturday, the indoor temperature was 60, but the outdoor high skyrocketed to 70 degrees.  Back to summer clothes!

As I write this, it’s 56 degrees outside and the sky is threatening to drop cold rain everywhere.  I’m shivering in long pants, thick fuzzy socks, a long sleeve T, and a fleece-lined hoodie.  I fondly remember yesterday’s beautiful warm sunshine but I know this memory will slip through my chilly fingers as summer turns to autumn.  I’ll just bide my time under the blankets until faux summer returns.