embrace the burn

Training recap time! Long story short, distance running is back in my routine and my last two training sessions made me wonder if the gym staff would be offended when I unapologetically puked on their nice wooden floor. I added magnesium into my daily supplement regimen to convince my muscles I don’t really want them to die.

February 23:

  • Lunge walks with a 25lb plate, starting with the weight center and dropping it to the side and curling back up with each lunge. My arms are w-e-a-k
  • Broad jumps hugging a 16lb slam ball, then alternating broad jumps and actual slams
  • FIFTEEN minutes on the upside down Bosu Ball with a 25lb plate, alternating plate placement at chest level, stomach level, out in front, right side, left side

March 1:

  • Plank seal walk with slide plates; sumo squat jumps with 16lb slam ball 10x; slam ball 10x; plank seal walk back
  • Bosu ball: balance on one leg with 25lb plate, step off to opposite leg and balance on floor
  • Jump rope 30 seconds (no misses), paired with
  • Speed stripper squat jumps (TRX assisted) for 60 seconds
  • Weighted raised split leg ab crunches

And my trainer wants me to score two goals in one game this week. Wish me luck!

I hate taking pills.

Taking Care of Me

Once upon a time, long before the preventative approach to healthcare was popular, a very dear friend of mine asked me to take care of my health. He was 44 at the time – I was 24 and invincible – but because I was deeply in love with this particular friend, I did everything he suggested.  I drank gallons of green tea,  took up running and yoga, and switched from dairy to soy. I was young and soy didn’t taste very good back then so this was definitely a love thing. When love ran its course, I moved away and left the wellness routine behind me.

I’m a few years shy of 40 now and finally starting to appreciate my dear friend’s concern for my health. Soccer and running keep me fit; yoga is slowly coming back to me. I drink Almond milk (goodbye forever, Soy!) and follow a daily supplement regimen that includes a multi-vitamin (I like the gummies because they don’t make me nauseous), Calcium with Vitamin D (strong bones and a dose of sunshine), Zinc & Echinacea (immune support), Flax Seed Oil (Omega-3 source), Vitamin C (antioxidant, growth & repair). I also use Oregano oil, mostly because my parents swear by it and shelled out $25 to buy me a bottle. Oregano oil’s absolutely vile when taken with water and it stings when you use it externally… and of course there’s melatonin to help me sleep.

My very dear friend was ahead of his time, but taking care of one’s self never goes out of style.

Have you had your vitamin today?