embrace the burn

Training recap time! Long story short, distance running is back in my routine and my last two training sessions made me wonder if the gym staff would be offended when I unapologetically puked on their nice wooden floor. I added magnesium into my daily supplement regimen to convince my muscles I don’t really want them to die.

February 23:

  • Lunge walks with a 25lb plate, starting with the weight center and dropping it to the side and curling back up with each lunge. My arms are w-e-a-k
  • Broad jumps hugging a 16lb slam ball, then alternating broad jumps and actual slams
  • FIFTEEN minutes on the upside down Bosu Ball with a 25lb plate, alternating plate placement at chest level, stomach level, out in front, right side, left side

March 1:

  • Plank seal walk with slide plates; sumo squat jumps with 16lb slam ball 10x; slam ball 10x; plank seal walk back
  • Bosu ball: balance on one leg with 25lb plate, step off to opposite leg and balance on floor
  • Jump rope 30 seconds (no misses), paired with
  • Speed stripper squat jumps (TRX assisted) for 60 seconds
  • Weighted raised split leg ab crunches

And my trainer wants me to score two goals in one game this week. Wish me luck!

New Stuff – Woo! 

It’s official: my first week of training was light. I got bored with the workout pretty quickly but my rowing form is much improved.

Today Austin asked if I was ready, then asked again after I said yes. (The answer was still yes, but I guess he wanted me to prove it or something). We added 100,000 squats and a bunch of other fun stuff.  I don’t remember all the details so here’s what I think I did:

  • Rowing 5 min
  • Trx assisted lunge jumps followed by a shoulder width squat (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Overhead 12 lb weighted ball throws at the wall with a squat retrieve (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Agility ladder! And a LOT of it. I don’t rememember sets and reps but it lasted pretty much forever until Austin got distracted by…
  • Broad jumps (so many embarrassingly short jumps. Austin kept telling me to relax but I was telling my body it can fly through the air when it knows damn well it shouldn’t)
  • Trx assisted sumo squat to shoulder width squat to stripper squat (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Ab work: double leg lift & hold, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, double leg lift & hold with resistance
  • Medicine ball toe touches, not looking (3 sets, 25 each leg)
  • 10 minute jog

Wowsers. Stairs are a little more challenging after that workout! No soccer tonight, but I’ll probably finish out the day with some yoga.

Happy Fitnessing out there.


It’s 2016 – the year I turn 40 – so I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. His name is Austin and he’s the new guy.

We sat down today to do measurements and intake paperwork. Poor Austin was trying to be enthusiastic but I could tell he had intake fatigue. He glossed over the first few questions on the form and then asked the tough one:  what are you hoping to accomplish? I swear I saw him grit his teeth, but fortunately I was prepared.

“I have two specific goals related to running, and one related to soccer,” I said, and he hurried to pick up the pen he had just put down. “I’m a distance runner, and I want to PR a half marathon this year. My goal is to run it in under 2 hours.”  The pen was flying.

“Good, good – go on,” he said.

“Being a runner, I struggle with balance in my muscle groups. I struggle with IT band issues related to an imbalance between my quads, hamstrings, and gluts. I’d like to strengthen those muscles and get them working together.”

Austin smiled. “Awesome, I have some ideas about this. And what about soccer?”

This goal wasn’t as specific. “I want to become a better player. I’m weak on ball control and shooting.”

“So your hand-eye coordination…” Austin mumbled. He was too busy jotting that down to see my left eyebrow arch. Hand-eye? Not really, but I could see where he was headed.

He made a few more notes and put down his pen. “We’re gonna stop here,” he said, “because I have ideas and I want to show you now. It usually takes a while to establish goals but you’ve got some good ones. We’ll come back to this stuff later.”

So without further ado – today’s workout:

  • 5 minutes rowing or elliptical
  • Modified kettlebell deadlifts (3 sets, 10 on each leg)
  • Agility toe taps (3 sets, 20 reps)
  • Ski jumps-trx assisted (3 sets, 20 reps)
  • Step up and over (3 sets, 20 reps)
  • Medicine Ball control touches 10-lbs (3 sets, 12 reps each leg)
  • I added 10 minutes of running on the boring old treadmill so it felt significant

To round out the goals, I’m committed to losing 20 lbs and reducing body fat by 8.6%. My measurements are good, so we’re just toning up those sad areas!

I got this!