ten to FIVE

Last indoor soccer match of the summer season, and once again our ragged little 30+ coed house team faced off against a bunch of 20-something-ball-hoarding-semi-pros.  Usually our team uses its time on the pitch to recklessly chase after the ball but today we tried something different.

Today – we played with HEART.  

For the first time we actually heard each other, looked for our teammates, and [for the most part] stuck with our defensive marks.  We fearlessly challenged their best players, managed more than a few flawless assists, and scored FIVE fist-bumping, chest-puffing, war-whooping goals.  Instead of feeling exhausted and disappointed at the double whistle, we just grinned through the sweat.

Best. Season End. Ever. 

Side note: as per last game tradition, I managed to deflect a good solid kick off my inner right leg – this time my calf instead of my knee.  Bruise formed immediately and hurts like hell doesn’t hurt at all; you can barely even see it.