Takes Me Back

I miss my grandmother.

A flood of memories hit me this morning, the kind that transport you to another place and time. I was in my kitchen grinding beans for coffee, but my memory was poking around my grandmother’s kitchen, watching her make coffee in the percolator.

Folgers. Always Folgers, with sugar and and bagged milk from Quality Dairy.

My grandmother’s kitchen was a warm and exciting to explore. She had this really clever green dispenser on the wall for tin foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper. The shelves above the sink were full of awesome little trinkets she brought back from Arizona every spring, like the fascinating drinking bird with the blue top hat. And best of all, she had one of those sweeper things for low pile carpet (like they use in restaurants) – my grandmother’s floor was never dirty when I was around.

I really miss her today. I hope she popped in and had coffee with me in my relatively boring kitchen.

Elemental Coffee

My Okie friend recently introduced me to my newest love, Elemental Coffee. His timing was amazing – I had just run out of coffee beans when a surprise birthday parcel arrived with this lovely bag of Purusha tucked safely inside!

Coffee and I have a long history together; I started drinking it at 14, the age my dad deemed appropriate for coffee consumption. I take it strong & black, the darker the roast the better, sometimes with a little Splenda if the flavor is sub par.

Elemental Coffee’s Purusha proudly stands on its own. The flavor is beautifully complex and full-bodied. From the first sip this coffee declares its independence from all others and swoops into action, quickening the pulse and banishing droopy eyelids.  This gorgeous bag o’ beans is available for purchase at Elemental Coffee Roasters.