10K Training

I’ve run 3 half marathons and oodles of 5Ks, but when it comes to 10K races I have some sort of mental block. 6.2 miles is right in the middle of too short and too long, so it should be fairly comfortable, yet this distance has always been my racing unicorn.

To remedy this, I’m running a trail relay in April (taking the 6.5 mile leg) and the Borgess Run 10K in May. Are you sitting down, Reader?  I’m training for these races. Yep. I’m using a modified version of Hal Higdon’s intermediate 10K training program and it’s already kicking my butt.

Here’s what a typical week looks like between now and the first week of May:


No sweat, and #nosleeptilBorgess

The Early Bird Just Gets Cold

Happy World Run Day! I’m reporting live from Pretty Lake where local run group The Dirty Herd is hosting a Trail Run to benefit the camp. I misread the details and arrived an hour early, but that gives me extra time to wake up and acclimate to the chilly morning. We have gusty winds and overcast skies; current temperature is 43. Maybe a few sun salutations will help warm things up before the gun goes off at 0900.