How High? 

A boyfriend once told me I set my standards too high. This happened during a rather nasty breakup so I took that to mean he had no intention of living up to them.

*shrug* Some people have no tolerance for perfectionists.

I still set high standards for myself, but since that breakup I’ve slowly lowered my expectations for other people. Like to the point of having none. It’s rough because I see potential in everyone, but people either a) don’t recognize it for themselves or worse, b) recognize it and choose to do nothing with it. Fostering that potential often ends in disappointment and frankly… isn’t within my purview. Instead I choose to recognize the perfection of inert potential. 

There’s so much of it out there.


We Want You To Stand Up (Wednesday Earworm)

Radio Hardcore | Italobrothers

Discovered Italobrothers at a FIRST Robotics Competition when the deejay took a chance and played something other than Cotton Eye Joe (FIRST students – you know what I’m talking about here). I’m super fond of Matthias’ fashion sense.

just to clear your mind, leave it all behind