Meet Dandy

Check out Dandy, my first new car ever!

The name originated with my friend O who called him Plum Dandy, which reminded me of Dandy from American Horror Story: Freak Show. Just like his namesake, this little Scion xB didn’t think he was destined for love either, but here he is, happily settled into his new home!

Now if I could just get the hands-free phone feature to work, we’ll be all set.


So proud of my kiddo – he made it!!! Tonight’s commencement ceremony was well-presented. I was so intent in listening for my son’s name to be called that I didn’t have time to cry (I probably will later). He seems pleased to be finished with his secondary education but says the reality of it all hasn’t really hit him yet – I remember that feeling from when I graduated and now I get to experience it from a parent’s perspective. It’s no less surreal… 


Trying Not to Cry

Graduations are happy occasions – a celebration of dedication, effort, & self-discipline. I keep telling myself that while trying not to cry this morning. Truth is, I’m both happy and terrified for my son as he graduates. Deep down I know he’s going to be just fine, but once again I’m realizing that my kid will always be my kid. Have to pull myself together soon because I don’t want my kid or my own parents to see me like this, but I’m definitely bringing tissues to the ceremony tonight!