a different bowl

There are some fascinating thinkers in this world… I’m fortunate to know a handful, and even more fortunate to have spent the evening with one. Our conversation flowed from one topic to the next and back around to the first until I realized everything we’d discussed was heavily intertwined, and it was intended that way. 

My thoughtful friend actually steered multiple conversations with a million little points and neatly tied them into one: change and our general reluctance to affect it. 

No fish wants to live in a different bowl. It knows nothing beyond the bowl it’s in, and it’s happy that way. 

This simple observation still echoes in my ears. Now, with a million thoughts buzzing in my head, I can’t decide if the things we discussed are going to keep me up thinking all night or put me to sleep from overstimulation.

I want to live in a different bowl. 

I Know You Hear Me Loud (Wednesday Earworm)

Get Ur Freak On | Missy Elliott

One of my top pace songs for running – and Lord knows I need to pace these days. Also has the best motivational lyrics for racing:

Listen to me now
Im lastin’ twenty rounds
And if you want me
Then come and get me now

Because Running

Finally knocked the dust off all three pairs of my running shoes this week. One trail run, two on the road, and there’s more to come because – people – it’s running season again. 

With running comes better and more mindful eating; today’s been fairly successful. We’ll see how it pays off. I find it really difficult to balance my running nutrition with my soccer nutrition. Lean protein packed runner vs carbalicious soccer player… hoping to balance this out with a little cross-training. 

And, since it’s just the beginning of running season, I should also mention:

… I really don’t like running. 

in which we never actually reach our destination

We enjoyed the journey to Rolex, but the rain deterred us from making the drive to Lexington Horse Park for a significantly shortened participant roster.

So what do you do when your plans are cancelled due to weather?

I shopped for wine and beer. Picked up a Sonoma Red blend from Ravenswood, a four pack of Moody Tongue‘s Steeped Emporer’s Lemon Saison, and a six pack of Madtree‘s Lift, because both the design & the name reminded me of someone back home with whom I’d like to share it.

It was hard to say goodbye to Bodee but I hope to see him again before too long… in the meantime, we’re heading back to MI a day early.

(LOL – we’re an hour into our trip home and Josh just said, “F-ck it, let’s go to Lexington…”)