What Happens Next

Holy smokes – I challenged one of the best drop in soccer players yesterday afternoon and actually won the ball. It was on the wall with no room to turn, so I just pushed through and broke towards the goal. My heart raced with exhilaration until I realized no one expected me to win the challenge; I had no support, no plan, and no idea what needed to happen next. A second too late it occurred to me to shoot, but one of the defenders sent the ball just out of my reach before I could strike.

No worries. I played hard yesterday and learned another great lesson – it’s not enough to win the ball, you have to have an idea of what happens next.

Sense of Direction (or Fingertips Have Memories)

Caught the end of the France v Brazil friendly last Thursday at the bar with a couple guys who insisted football is not a sport. Why? “Because no sport requires you to pass backward to move the game forward.”

I smiled and asked them, “What about American football? Isn’t the ball ‘passed’ backward so the quarterback can pass or run the ball forward?” They laughed. “And archery – the bow has to be drawn back in order to loose the arrow.  A golfer swings from the back, a runner starts prone in the starting block; in most sports you have to move backward to fuel forward momentum.”

Ok, I may have oversimplified (sorry, physics experts) but I took that conversation with me when I left. It inspired me to spend time with old friends in places I hadn’t visited in years. The instant familiarity was comforting. What a relief to be myself without fear of misunderstanding, have a conversation without having to over analyze or explain my thoughts and opinions in great depth.  We were all simply together and able to communicate (even without words), feeding off experience and the situation rather than speculation. This welcome change from the anxiety and drama I’ve felt and experienced lately definitely left me feeling better prepared to move ahead.

So, maybe life is a sport too? Who knew.  But you know I’ll remember this next time I have to use my drop in soccer, too.

Sidenote: Les Bleus lost to Brazil that night, by the way, but more than made up for it in their next game against Denmark.  Food for thought.

Mostly Dead is Slightly Alive

Sickness & Malaise have been unwelcome visitors for the past 4 weeks…  what started as heartache turned to flu, followed by a wicked sinus infection that knocked me down for two weeks; I’ve spent entire weekends in bed trying to recover. 

This week, I popped the last pill in a 10 day course of antibiotics and decided my era of being mostly dead is over! A long-awaited return to the soccer field got my blood flowing again. New ink brought a rush of adrenaline & endorphins. Time with friends restored my spirit. Even my petsitting business saw a uptick with a flurry of spring break bookings. 

The weekend is devoted to volunteering, making new friends, and catching up with old ones.  

I am more than slightly alive.