Wednesday Earworms: Inspiration

One More Mile by Timothy B. Schmit

This song made me smile big during the Park2Park Half Marathon.

Fav lyric:
I’m gonna get all wet, gonna trudge through the mud – Gonna do it all up in style
I won’t second guess, gonna try my best to go
One more mile

Today’s story:
Wanted to run this morning but didn’t have time to complete the scheduled duration. Cold rain happened later, but I had to ride my bike home in the slop so by the time I got there I figured – Why not go run? I’m already a mess plus I’m warmed up. So I did!  One More Mile was one of the songs that played while I was running, and I couldn’t help laughing at myself, running through the rain and puddles, looking like a drowned rat, trying my best to go one more mile.


Get Well Blue

Blue was towed to the repair shop today. My repair guy is gonna give her the once over tomorrow and call me with the diagnoses (never seems to be just one problem when it comes to vehicles, does it?). Gears weren’t engaging, seems like a possible transmission problem but I’m holding out hope for something less expensive and easier to fix.

On the bright side, I have roadside assistance! The people staffing the phones were beyond awesome, as was the tow truck driver. Everyone I spoke with told me, “Have a better day!”

Trust me… I’ll be happy to do just that!

Red Bull Stratos: One Year Later

Felix Baumgartner opens the door to dazzling new heights

Felix Baumgartner opens the capsule door to reveal dazzling new heights

It’s been one year since my hero, Felix Baumgartner (BASE jumper 502) successfully completed the Red Bull Stratos Space Jump
Today, Felix, Joe, and the rest of the mission team gathered in Salzburg to celebrate their many accomplishments, but Red Bull has
a treat for the rest of us: a new documentary!  Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story of Red Bull Stratos premieres on
rdio today at 12pm EDT, an online streaming event hosted by rdio CEO Drew Larner. Viewers must register for rdio account.

Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner was a revered tradition when I was young. It always took a long time to prepare, was served directly following traditional morning church services, and usually centered around some sort of roast. Today’s Sunday dinner had almost nothing in common with the ones I remember from my youth, except for the roast-y part. Inspired by Todd Porter & Diane Cu, I made a simple  variation of their Spaghetti Squash with Sausage recipe.


Ingredients: spaghetti squash, shallot (not pictured), garlic, sweet Italian chicken sausage with fire
roasted red peppers, baby spinach, freshly grated Parmesan, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.

I split, hollowed, and roasted the squash for 30 minutes at 400 degrees F, shredded it while
it was still warm, then set it aside to cool.  I cut the sausage links lengthwise into quarters
and chopped them into smaller pieces, browned them in olive oil, then added diced shallot
and coarsely chopped garlic. (Side note: why is garlic so difficult to prep?)  That mixture was
pushed to one side of the pan so I could heat the spaghetti squash and wilt the spinach on the
opposite side for about two minutes. Then I mixed it all together, added fresh ground pepper,
sprinkled grated Parmesan cheese on top, and served it at 1800 – a proper time for dinner.


It was delicious, and I didn’t even have to sit through Sunday service to earn the right to eat it.

Little Bits of Everything

Ahhh, Sunday… perfect for coffee, twitter, and catching up on all the reading/work/news/tv/sleep I missed this week. Also a great time for random updates, so here we go!

Sea Salt Caramel Gelato: oh my goodness this was love at first sight and first spoonful:

gelato.jpg  It took a measure of self-discipline to replace the lid and put it back in the freezer.

My son has strict instructions not to touch it.

The same rules do not apply to me in regards to his container of Belgian Milk Chocolate gelato.

He doesn’t know that yet.

It may be time for gelato intervention.

Petsitting: booked 3 weekends in a row! Molly & Hanz came to play last weekend, this weekend I have Loki & Luna, and next weekend I’ll have Frankie.

Fighting the Good Fight:  I’ve been fighting some sort of bug for the last two weeks. My gut tells me it’s the nasty cold/flu virus that’s taking everyone down. I’m using a lot of tissues, saline spray, and quality pillow time to combat whatever it may be. Just hoping my activity levels and supplements will protect me from getting the full-blown version. 

Yardwork: FINALLY trimmed some of the trees back so they’re no longer threatening to tear through my window screens or decapitate passers-by. I managed most of the trimming on my own but had to enlist my son’s help for some of the higher branches. He was pretty brave up there on the extension ladder with a pair of snips. He also mowed the lawn; I bought him a pair of discs for disc golf to express my gratitude.

Worst Run Ever: yesterday’s weather was perfect for an afternoon run. I don’t know if I overdid the yardwork in the morning or if the aforementioned bug played a role but I had to stop at 1.6 miles. Couldn’t breathe, body felt super heavy, sweat pouring off me, and an upset stomach to boot.  Walked back to the car, avoiding eye contact with all the other runners, certain they could feel my shame.  I’ll try for a redemption run later today.

Business Travel: my travel obligations come in waves. I was out & about quite a bit last Spring but chained myself to the home office for the summer. I had a quick day trip to the east side of the state this past week for an after-hours client event. Soon I’ll be heading out to Reno, NV to lead a training and then a quick turn in Madison, WI for some strategy sessions.

Freezer Meals: it’s that time again. Last December/January I spent a whole weekend assembling freezer meals. All said and done, we had enough food equity to last about 3 months. In fact, one of the baked chicken spaghetti meals is still hiding out in the back of the freezer. It’s a lot of work but completely worth the effort, so it’s time to start menu planning.

You know what else is in the freezer? Gelato. But not for long.