Sometimes I Cook

My newly adopted disdain for people and their collective bullsh-t gives me a lot of free time around the house. I love to cook and I’m quite fond of my large (albeit poorly designed) kitchen, so I’ve been experimenting with new recipes lately!

Last week I received my first HelloFresh box, courtesy of a $35 coupon I earned via  HelloFresh is an interesting subscription service that creates recipes and delivers the necessary fresh ingredients to your home. It’s perfect for people who enjoy cooking flavorful dishes and have time to do it (most of the ingredients need to be prepped). I ordered the vegetarian option for 2 people, but each recipe made enough for 3 to 4. The recipes were easy to follow and the meals I prepared were phenomenal, real restaurant-menu quality:


The only downside to HelloFresh is the price: the veggie option is $69/box. I only tried it because of the discount and I cancelled the subscription immediately after placing my order.  However, for those with money to spend the subscription service is flexible, offering weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other custom delivery options. It can even be put on pause when you need a break. I’d LOVE to order at least one box per month but my pesky student loans leave me with more of a mac-n-cheese budget.

Still, I do what I can. Today’s weather is kind of gloomy so I decided to make Rachel Schultz’s sunny Roasted Tomato and Zucchini Frittata, using the last of my summer veggies:

FrittataI can’t think of a better way to avoid people.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Cook

  1. Beth says:

    Keep posting food porm like this and you won’t be avoiding people anymore … Because I’ll be at your door demanding a plateful!

  2. You, dear friend, are welcome at my door anytime. I’m really excited; the kid & I are refinishing a table and two benches for the kitchen – should give us a more welcoming area to entertain.

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