Acceptable Level of Filth

It never fails.

I move into a new place and spend the next week marveling over how the previous owners lived in such disgusting filth.  I scrub down the bathtub six or seven times to make sure I’ve removed all traces of dirt and swear that I’ll never let things return to such a horrible state. Time passes, and after a year or so the hard water stains seem like they’ve always been there.  The tub’s gleaming white porcelain finish is but a distant memory… until yesterday, when my teenage son requested a bottle of CLR.

CLR = Calcium Lime Rust [Remover]

Now, my teenager is pretty industrious, so I figured he had an interesting use for this hardcore cleaning product.  No, he needed it to remove the hard water buildup in his shower.  Imagine my shame when I looked at my bathtub and recognized it had achieved an acceptable level of filth – the level at which I’m comfortable but anyone else would be completely grossed out.

Armed with determination to banish the filth, my son and I headed to the dollar store.  The “fancy” bathroom cleaning products weren’t up to the task; we wanted the caustic, inexpensive off-brand stuff.  I chose The Works, the teenager selected a bottle of RLC.

RLC = Rust Lime Calcium [Remover]. Clever.

$2, one hour, and some considerable effort later, we managed to restore our respective bathrooms to acceptable levels of clean… and now the rest of house looks filthy in comparison.

Elemental Coffee

My Okie friend recently introduced me to my newest love, Elemental Coffee. His timing was amazing – I had just run out of coffee beans when a surprise birthday parcel arrived with this lovely bag of Purusha tucked safely inside!

Coffee and I have a long history together; I started drinking it at 14, the age my dad deemed appropriate for coffee consumption. I take it strong & black, the darker the roast the better, sometimes with a little Splenda if the flavor is sub par.

Elemental Coffee’s Purusha proudly stands on its own. The flavor is beautifully complex and full-bodied. From the first sip this coffee declares its independence from all others and swoops into action, quickening the pulse and banishing droopy eyelids.  This gorgeous bag o’ beans is available for purchase at Elemental Coffee Roasters.